Volunteer for the Reunion

We are also accepting donations to put towards our reunion. Any donations received go directly towards our reunion expenses. We use them for making safety improvements, replacing aging items and broken equipment. The cost of putting on the reunion goes up every year so if you enjoy the reunions please consider a donation to see its continued success.

Email your questions to: hangar21a@yahoo.com

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To help make our Reunion a complete success we will need volunteers to assist with various jobs throughout the week. If you would consider volunteering some of your time while at the Reunion we would really appreciate it. Below are some of the jobs that need volunteers. Please mark the job(s) that you would be willing to do. Thank you.

Please submit  your mobile phone number so we can contact you during the reunion if needed.

Descriptions of volunteer opportunities:

Airport Prep - Days leading up to reunion - Assist with set-up & clean up of airport

Wednesday night corn boil picnic - Assist with set-up, husking corn, serving, cooking & clean up

Thursday night dinner/dance - Assist with set-up, decorating & clean up

Friday night dinner - Assist with set-up, & clean up

Saturday night Banquet - Assist with set-up & clean up

Sunday morning breakdown - Assist with the taking down of all fencing, signs, registration booth, etc.

Nightly trash pick-up - Empty trash barrels into dumpster

Aircraft parking/marshalling - Assist with parking and marshalling duties of Wacos for safety

Aircraft fueling - Assist with the fueling of the Wacos (fuel truck and at main fuel pump)

Registration counter - Assist with registration duties at the counter